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10 Jun

One Slightly Out of Shape MOBster, Barre3 Challenge WEEK 1.

My first week of the Barre3 challenge is happily behind me (20 classes in 30 days). While I was anxious and excited to begin the challenge on June 1st, day one I had trouble getting out the door. I had a super looooong day, Max was finishing a huge project for his class and I felt awful for leaving him. On the drive to the studio, I remembered my promise to myself (make time for me, make time for me…). I rolled down the window and ceremoniously spat the guilt/exhaustion out of the window (figuratively, of course). As part of the June challenge, participants receive a wonderful orange B3 wristband. This wristband is more than a wristband for me. It is a reminder that I am on a mission, and I wear it proudly. While in a class, those of us donning the orange wristband seem to give each other a slight nod as if to say, “go sister, go”…it is a pretty cool feeling.

By kick-butt class # 4, I was feeling strong and actually noticed a little shift in my body (hello abs, nice to see you again). I enjoyed getting “out” and was proud of myself for carving some much needed solo time. One of the rarely mentioned benefits of Barre3 is improved posture. While in class, the instructors place so much emphasis on lengthening the body and spine that you automatically begin to walk a little taller, sit up a little straighter (no slouching, my dad would be so proud).

Last week I was introduced to Andrea Nakayama of ReplenishPDX. Andrea is Certified Nutrition Educator and Certified Holistic Health Counselor practicing Functional Whole-Foods Nutrition and has created a wonderful accompanying “detox” for the Barre3 June Challenge. Personally, the term “detox” turned me off a little. In my mind, it conjured up images of cabbage soup, crazy cayenne pepper drinks, limits, deprivation and starvation all of which are NOT my cup of tea. After chatting with Andrea and researching her “detox” a little more, I was super excited to incorporate it into my Barre3 June Challenge experience. Andrea has basically taken a whole-foods approach to eliminating certain foods from your system, one group at a time (week number one is SUGAR…oh how I love thee and loathe thee at the same time). Andrea created this partner program specifically for Barre3. The combination decreases inflammation to enhance physical performance, boosts mental clarity, manages weight loss and sets new patterns for a lifetime of healthy living.

I found Andrea’s meal planning very similar to what my family currently eats (lots of whole grains, fruits & veggies, nuts, legumes and lean meats for the kidlets (I am a vegetarian). The “detox” seems very doable and my family has gobbled up everything I have put on the table this week (homemade muesli, homemade trail mix bars, quinoa and beans, salmon & sweet potatoes, green lentil stew, yum).

Drum roll please…after a little weigh in and measurement check (and 8, yes 8 Barre3 classes), I am down 1 full inch from my waist and ½ inch from arms and thighs. Most importantly I feel amazing!

Yay Barre3!
Yay ReplishPDX!
Yay me!

Bring on week #2!

27 May

One Slightly Out of Shape MOBster Attempts Barre3 June Challenge.

I am your typical 21st century mamapreneur. I am a devoted wife and proud mother of two kiddos (Max, 12 and Ella, 6). I co-own a lovely little Preschool and I am the sole owner of Sitter Soiree, LLC. With all of the responsibility that comes with holding all of these wonderful things above flood stage, it has been waaaay to easy to permanently park myself next-to-last on the priority list. The weather this past (cough, cough) “spring” has turned me into a lackluster, cranky mama who is permanently wearing a couple of thick winter sweaters (only they are not winter sweaters, if you know what I mean).

Summer is just about here, and I need to get energized! I need to bump myself up on the priority list and embrace summer with both (slightly flabby) arms. When I heard about Barre3’s June challenge, I knew I was in!

Barre3 is the brainchild of Chris & Sadie Lincoln. Barre 3 is where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates. I was a B3 addict a couple of years ago. I am embarrassed to admit that it has-been over a year since I have stepped into a B3 studio. According to Barre3.com, some of the benefits to this brilliant tri-cocktail of exercise penchants are:

*Fast body shaping results and long-term postural benefits.
*Builds longer, leaner muscles and a strong core. Energizes and increases stamina.
*Precise instruction for each client improves results (without the cost of a personal trainer).
*Motivating group environment builds connections and community, both important in making exercise a regular part of life.
*Efficient 60-minute total body workout with childcare makes it easy to fit into a busy schedule.
And in my opinion, most importantly: Connects mind, body and breath and relieves stress.

Yes, yes and YES! One June 1, I will embark on Barre3’s June Challenge, which consists of attending 20 classes in 30 days (that’s 5 classes per week). At the end of the challenge, not only will participants win a rockin’ bod, but all participants who complete the challenge are entered into a drawing to win a prize package worth over $1000. I will blog weekly about my goals, challenges, accomplishments and progress both physically and mentally and I would LOVE your input and support to keep me on track.

If you are interested in signing up for Barre3’s June challenge, there is still time. Barre3 is offering a one-month unlimited classes package just in time for the June challenge. Sign up soon by emailing staff@barre3.com, the challenge begins June 1.

24 May

Summertime Childcare Woes for the Self-Employed.

I have a love/hate relationship with summer. Its arrival ushers in a more relaxed family schedule (as well as a break from the homework battles, running around town gathering supplies for class projects and acting as in-house chauffer, driving to and from after-school obligations). However, its arrival also ushers in a mad dash to puzzle piece camps, arrange childcare and delivers a nicely wrapped extra dose of guilt. The guilt comes from not being able to put my work on a shelf for three months and enjoy the lazy days of summer exploring this wonderful city with my kids they way I did when I was a kid. I am self-employed and I work a substantial amount of hours between my two businesses. Along with all of the wonderful things summer brings, it also brings 3 months of no school/no childcare. When you are self-employed if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. This is not a viable option for my family, so I have to work.

Last summer was downright awful! I loaded my plate waaaay too full and thought I could “wing” my childcare needs. I brought my youngest with me to work (she likes to help as a “teacher”). I left my oldest at home with fairly hefty restrictions. Having my youngest by my side at work was fun for a few days out of the week, but it made it extremely difficult for me to work at the level/speed I was accustom to. Having my son at home was nice…until I came home. He was “sooo bored” and had a laundry list of activities he wanted to accomplish waiting for me the minute I walked through the door (and I just wanted to decompress from the day). Oh, and don’t even get me started on “me” time (that takes the first train outta dodge the minute the bell rings on last day of school).

I vowed at the end of last summer that my approach from then on would be different. From June to September, I would absolutely weigh and consider every opportunity I commit myself to. I vowed to plan ahead, and work towards reducing my schedule (even if it is slightly) so I can be that mom who happily shuttles her lucky offspring around to the zoo, matinees, summer picnics and park excursions. I also vowed to schedule “me” time including working-out, lunch dates with girlfriends, date nights with hubby and even a little weekend getaway or two. I promised myself I would EXHALE, and downshift into summer enjoying every sleep-in Monday, late-night Tuesday, no-nap Wednesday, sleep-over Thursday and every super-hot-gotta-go-to-the-movies-to-cool-off Friday.

Here are a few links to help ease your summer childcare woes:
Camp Guides:
Red Tricycle/NW Kids Magazine, Urbanmamas.com, Soundroots School of Music, Metro Parent Magazine, Do Jump Theatre

Drop-in Childcare Options:
We Village, Kids Art Cubby,The Play Boutique

Sitter Soiree, Care Givers Placement Agency

Barre 3 Exercise Studio
A great work-out with onsite childcare

Jennifer is the co-owner of Purple Moon Child Development and the owner of Sitter Soiree. She lives in NE Portland with her hunky hubby and two children, Max (12) and Ella (6).

12 May

Have you moved? Changed you company name? Don’t forget to make critical updates.

If you were previously operating as a consultant in your name and now have chosen to operate with a new business name, your first stop is the Oregon Secretary of State to file a doing business as (DBA) registration. Any person conducting business in the state of Oregon under anything other than their full and correct name (this includes at least your middle initial) is required to file a DBA. For example, Amanda B. Custer could run a business as “Amanda B Custer Consulting” without filing a DBA. But if instead Amanda wants to change the business name to “Custer & Company,” then a DBA is required.

Similarly, if you’ve already formed an entity beyond a sole proprietorship, such as a limited liability company or a corporation and change you business address – update you state registrations! Presumably you filed such an entity for its limited liability protections or tax benefits, but if you fail to keep the registration current, you could lose the right to those benefits.

Now, off the legal note and onto basic business practicalities – be sure to update all your marketing materials, Internet and print directory listings, etc. After all, we wouldn’t stay in business long if our clients couldn’t find us.

10 May

Got Stress? Get present!

As a business owner and mama, you have unavoidable stress in your life. The complexity of balancing family life with managing your business can be at times overwhelming.

You also know that too much stress throws you off your game. You get irritable and start forgetting things. Your body hurts or is tight and you don’t take the time to rest or practice much needed self-care. You feel inundated by your to-do list and it becomes difficult to maintain clarity.

The human trait that contributes most to our stress is also one of our biggest assets. Unlike other animals, our pre-frontal cortex allows us to plan for and predict the future, which can be great for strategic thinking…and really bad for worrying.

A gazelle on the savanna isn’t constantly worrying about when the lion will appear or how much grass she can eat before moving on to a safer spot, but she will respond capably when the actual lion is sensed.

As humans, we are often worrying about lions that will never occur and our nervous systems go into hyper-alert (stress) mode. This limits our ability to effectively respond to life as it is actually occurring!

A recent study by researchers at Harvard points to the relationship between being present and being happy. The basic outcome was that the more present you are in life as it is actually occurring, the happier and more focused you are able to be.

The remedy to your stress? Be more present!

Next month I will post a blog with tips for being more present while navigating work and family life.

Savannah Mayfield is the mom of two boys and a freelance writer and life coach in Portland, Oregon. Find out more about her work at Nurture Life Coaching.

9 May

Vid conferencing; Yey or Ney? Craving personal connection in business.

I am finding now after ten years of running my design business from abroad (and in a few cities within the States) that I’m sad.

Sad I can not meet with a client, most especially for rush jobs. [Which, for most of us, there are probably many! All the time!]. Anyhow, personally I’ve gotten loads lately and I’m thinking it might be karmic. It must be all the times I’ve asked vendors for work stat (please wink and smile) or rushed someone at another venue for personal goods to be delivered sooner than their standard time.

Of course, if you’re willing to pay for the overtime, most places will accommodate, no problem, right? And of course not pounding your fist on the table helps as well. Kill ’em with kindness does really have its place…

Anyway, when clients lately have needed projects in one to two week deadlines I’ve felt the pang…more. than. ever. Maybe I’m connecting here with many of you who have similar situations.

I know we live rushed most times but…I want to be able to meet with more of my out-of-town clients! Sort out what they need quickly since their job is needed QUICKly. I love being able to read faces, see the non-verbal and obviously connect with those you work with. And though yes we are all short on time I do really feel right now there being a shift. I don’t know if it’s the economy, my own business or my own personal living in too many cities in ten years but I feel it’s happening…

Though working outside the city where my clients live has normally encountered few ‘issues’ in ten years (we love email, we talk, we snail mail samples, pdf proofs, you name it) I feel quick jobs are hardest for me because I can’t simply meet, see, read each other and get it all out on the table.

Do you PowerMOBbers have ideas; any outside the typical email, phone conversations etc? Video conf is something I’d love to try to service my clients. Would YOU like this as a client? Helpful; Annoying (to make the time for)?

Any thoughts if you HAVE used video conferencing would be so welcome.What are the best ones out there?

I hope this helps not only myself but other PowerMOBbers that might have many clients to service all over the country/world.

Craving personal connections! (which reminds me I need to schedule the next girls night out)

6 May

The Entrepreneurial Life: A New Journey

Life has an incredible way of steering your path into new challenges you never saw coming, nor had any clue you truly needed. I didn’t realize how hungry I was for a new challenge until one practically fell from the sky and into my lap in the form of a couple of emails.

Then BOOM: the skies brightened, my eyes were opened, and I saw such beautiful potential for what my -and my family’s – life could be if I said YES to this golden opportunity.

I hemmed & hawed about which blog to post this announcement. It is very much a personal decision, and yet, it is one that I believe mirrors the choices that so many fellow mom entrepreneurs out there have to make. Many of you may be able to relate, and others I know have followed my journey since the moment I launched my first business, and my story really? It’s part your story too. So here goes…

Three weeks ago, I was contacted by a recruiter for a VC-funded, San Francisco-based start-up. They were looking to hire someone to head up their new Portland division. As I read each word, I couldn’t believe how perfect it was: I could not have written a better job description for myself. It’s the absolute perfect marriage of my communication & connector skills, my focus on advocating for small businesses and moms, and my yearning to affect change from within in a new company and better yet, a really interesting new industry. I spent two long days devouring every bit of information I could about the company: its investors (one’s a mom of 3 kids under 6!), its CEO and entire staff, its mission and objectives, the specifics of how the company works with small businesses and also how it differed from its (growing) competition. To my delight, they liked me as much as I liked them, and offered me a position.

Y’all know that I don’t make work decisions lightly. I’ve never, ever entertained any of the W-2 opportunities that have come across my desk in the past 6 years. I would never work for a company I even had an inkling was not 100% authentic in its mission, goals, and people. And quite frankly, my time (as yours) is limited & valuable, and I have to commit wisely. This felt so right.

So I plunged with full force, open eyes and a hungry workaholic, serial entrepreneur, type-A appetite.

Now I am thrilled to officially share the news that I am the Regional Manager for Plum District in Portland, Oregon (insert me jumping up & down, squealing, grinning with unfiltered joy for the past three weeks!!!).

You can read about them here, but really what you mom entrepreneurs need to know is this: they are small business advocates who want to HELP small businesses (and any sized business, really) succeed by reaching targeted, high quality customers: discerning, savvy moms who want to save their families money while supporting their local businesses. From the mom perspective, they want to offer you rockin’ deals from top notch businesses on a daily basis. Sound familiar? On the outside, sure, but from the inside let me tell you: they’ve got a whole lot going on that just blows the competition away. Most people know that it takes A LOT to impress me, and I have such immense respect for the Plum District business model and the incredible people involved. You know that I am in the business of helping you grow your business, and I am honored that Plum District is giving me this opportunity to take that personal mission to another level. I’ll share more about them in the future on my Urban Bliss Life blog, but feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or are interested in working with me to set up a deal for your business.  Also: I will be hiring a few positions over the next few weeks, folks! If you’re an energetic, go-getter with marketing/sales background in the Portland/Vancouver area who wants to help promote small businesses, work for an awesome company, and make some money doing so, please email me.

Well, it means I am going to be busy. VERY. BUSY. You didn’t think I’d give up my other businesses entirely, did you? I am SOOOO excited for everything that lies ahead. I am ready, folks! I am READY to hit the ground at full force and face new challenges. I’ve never been afraid of working long hours, and right now, I am ready to say YES to new challenges that will help my family, my communities, and help me grow personally and professionally. It just means I’ve had to re-prioritize existing parts of my life.

The Power MOB is rockin’ and rollin’, friends, and we will continue to host meetings, lunches, mixers, and our bi-annual Makings of a MOB Conference (happening fall 2012). We will continue to take new members, share valuable resources and information, share member discounts, and help connect, empower and educate mom business owners. As we grow, however, I cannot be in all places at once. Therefore, starting this year, I’m not only hiring more assistance to help with the Portland Power MOB, but we will be offering licensing options for those who want to start their own Power MOB chapters in other cities. We will still have one national membership, but you’ll be able to connect with mom entrepreneurs and attend events in your own cities. Whether you are interested in this now, or perhaps will be ready to do this six months or even a year or two down the line, feel free to send me an email so we can get the ball rolling. I am at the 6-year mark of entrepreneurship and know full well that the best businesses are the ones that are built to outlive their founders. That time has not yet come with The Power MOB, but someday it will, and I want the organization to be in the best possible place for its members when that day does come and I am ready to pass on that baton.

Ahh my first business baby. I’ve reinvented this business a few times and it’s been experiencing one of its most successful years so far. And of course, as soon as I accepted the position with Plum District, I received four offers of new projects and/or new clients (gah!). I’ve decided to no longer take new clients for Urban Bliss. I am keeping some of my current ongoing clients, and then doing fun projects on the side just when I can. The Etsy site will remain so that my repeat clients can re-order their calling cards and such, but I won’t be designing new products regularly. I’m very lucky to have great contractors to work with on the ongoing projects.

Many of you know how much I love volunteering for my son’s school. I’ve agreed to be considered for next year’s PSO Board Co-President Elect with another mom in my son’s class, which I am SO excited about. Education has always been my top priority when it comes to any volunteer time I have, and I LOVE my son’s school so much and am thrilled to have the opportunity to help at this level. The timing works out well, with my daughter starting Kindergarten there the year that my co-President Elect and I would take over as Co-Presidents, and by then I know my Plum District Portland team will be rockin’ and rollin’ too. I will still serve on Mercy Corps NW’s Women’s Business Center Board of Advisors but will probably spend less time mentoring other business owners through the Micro Mentor program. I will not be able to take on any other volunteer work, unfortunately (but if you need connections or sponsorships, please still feel free to email me & I’ll see what I can do to help!).

And what about the rest? The all-important other side of the work/life balance scale? While I know I can manage a lot of things at the same time, I know enough to know I cannot do it alone. I have already talked to my husband about the need for somewhat regular outside housecleaning services (hallelujah!). There are a few weeks during the summer when I know my kids will need to be in full-time camps & childcare. Maybe we won’t cook as many homecooked meals as we do now.  Who knows? But I’m willing to accept that which I cannot do on my own and call in for assistance. I won’t blog as much, that’s for sure. What I will NOT outsource is my special time with my kids, family & friends. Farm Fresh Fridays? Baking sessions with my kids? Date nights with my hot hubby? Brunches and happy hours with my girlfriends? You bet your MOBster dollar those will all still remain a high priority to me.  So while I will be working even more, at the end of the day, I am doing this for my family…and that means being conscious of spending quality time with the ones I love and saying NO to the extracurricular events that quite frankly aren’t at the very top of the list. It will be a challenge, for sure, but I have no doubt it will work out.

As an entrepreneur, I live for change, I accept risk, I eagerly anticipate the unknown, and I revel in the joy of being part of something new and helping shape its future. I know I will make mistakes, and I look forward to learning from them. I know I have a huge challenge ahead that will be really difficult at times. I am walking on sunshine right now, friends. These changes make me so happy, and I am grateful that my husband supports me.

I really hope to have your support along this new journey, too, because I couldn’t be where I am today without your support, and I know I will need it more than ever now. And, more than ever, I promise to continue to support all of you in your efforts to juggle building a business while raising a family. It is never a straight path, but rather a crazy, fun, unpredictable wild ride that few choose and fewer still choose to stay on.

So…that’s my news! I wish you all a VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY WEEKEND!

1 May

MOM Entrepreneur {MOM-E} of the Month: Risa Boyer

MOM-E of the Month for May/June 2011
Risa Boyer
Owner, Risa Boyer Architecture

Kids, names, ages:
Harper Rose 3 yrs old

Brief biz description:
Architecture and interior firm specializing in modern, timeless, elegant homes and creative office environments.

Target audience:
People who appreciate good design and want to create unique living and working spaces.

Job held before you started this biz:
OJMR Architects in Los Angeles

Initial Start-Up Costs: $250 bucks for copy of the California Building Code.

Initial Funding Source(s): myself

First “woohoo!” business moment:
When I was awarded my first ground up house project for a super cool LA couple (who happen to be from NE Portland, which is probably why they were cool).

Biggest Mistake-Turned-Teaching-Moment:
This is a tough question because I am constantly learning from my mistakes even after working in my industry for 13 plus years, luckily there hasn’t been THE biggest mistake yet.
How you feel about competition in your industry: There are many talented successful architects in Portland which only gives me hope that there are clients who appreciate and support our work. I would like to get to know these architects better.

Greatest source of clients for your biz:

Your inspiration:
beautiful art and interesting design

#1 piece of business advice everyone should follow:
Follow through on everything and never leave anything or anyone hanging

#1 sanity-saving tip for work/life balance:
Lists that include not only work tasks but things like yoga, time with my family and laundry. I try to put blinders on and focus at the task at hand whether that’s me time, family time or work time.

26 Apr

Exit Strategy?

At one of the first meetings I attended as a MOBster, Marlynn asked the newly formed group “Do you have a solid exit strategy?” I nodded, pretending to fully understand what she meant (I was not a business major, I co-founded my first biz with sheer determination, a small loan and tunnel vision). Wikipedia.com describes an exit strategy as a means of leaving one’s current situation, either after a predetermined objective has been achieved, or as a strategy to mitigate failure. An organization or individual without an exit strategy may be in a quagmire. At worst, an exit strategy will save face; at best, an exit strategy will peg a withdrawal to the achievement of an objective worth more than the cost of continued involvement. I was confident in the direction my business was headed, and in its original growth potential.

With the birth of my second business a few years ago, I was giddy and energized to have conceived a new creative outlet for myself. I was passionate about Biz #2, and I felt it was a nice way to make extra income on my terms (Biz #1 to this day is a well-oiled machine, and continues growing strong for 12+ years).

After a small internal earthquake shook my emotional foundation last year, I took some time off from everything extra. I scaled back the uber-volunteering, the ultra-over-doing, the over-the-top-super-momming AND Biz #2, focusing instead on my top 3; myself, my family and Biz #1.

Truthfully, I really enjoyed demoting myself from Type A to Type A- (or maybe even a B+). Only after doing so, I realized how much clean and clear energy I had to devote to my top 3. I now stand at the crossroads where I am feeling the need for an exit strategy for Biz #2. I have not achieved a predetermined objective nor am I mitigating failure, I just like having a lighter load. Many of my colleagues have been forced to shut down due to the economy, and I grapple with the guilt of just wanting a little more “me” time.

MOBsters, have any of you bitten off a little more than you care to chew? If so, how do you juggle the fallout which accompanies making the choice to close up shop?

18 Apr

Let’s Get Real, Mamas

As fellow mom entrepreneurs, wouldn’t you agree that it’s been an interesting couple of years? I had hailed 2011 as the Year of Only Goodness, but of course -and especially as we get older and our lives become more complicated- there is and never will be any such year.

Rats. I was really hoping for a 100% sunshine smiley have-you-hugged-your-local-business-owner-with-loads-of-cash- so-they-could-stay-in-business kind of Year of Only Goodness.

The life we chose is a zillion times harder than most. We knew that going in, we are reminded of it everyday, and yet, we forge on. We pursue our passions with the utmost persistence and the greatest hope. We work hard and then harder and even harder still. We sacrifice. We make heartbreaking decisions that are the lesser of two evils. We learn and grow and become stronger and somehow, in a way we can’t describe nor will our friends ever understand, we become different, every day.

So why don’t we talk about it?

Where are our words, the raw, unrehearsed poetry of authenticity when we hear the dreaded “How’s business? How are YOU?”

We say “Business is great! Challenging, but we’re moving right along. I’ve never been better.” Many of you have said that to me, when you know that I know what is not being said.

Many businesses are closing and even though the majority of them close for good reason and it frees up the owners to move on to a new kind of better, we are still NOT talking about it.

Many business owners have had their homes go into foreclosure and what little they had of their savings or retirement funds completely swiped away, and we are still NOT talking about it.

Many business owners have gone through or are now going through separation or divorce. And not the calm, civilized kind you sometimes see on television where the kids are confused but the parents are perfect robots who can work everything out in harmonious understanding. We are still NOT talking about how many divorces happen between couples with at least one entrepreneurial partner–about the pain of trying to save a marriage, a family and a business at the same time.

Many business owners are ill, very very ill. Their health took a nosedive in the last year or two and I’m no doctor but I know that when you own a business it is in every single part of you, and your health is often the first to go since you are often the last to benefit. We are still NOT talking about how the entrepreneurial lifestyle coupled with the economy has affected mom entrepreneurs.

Many business owners are going through depression. They are not just having a hard time: they are seriously depressed, and they need help… but how do you get the person who has been “the strong one” for so long to seek help? Mom entrepreneurs are notorious for not seeking help, in any aspect of work or life.

So. Let’s talk, shall we? I am not here as the President of The Power MOB to listen to veiled sadness behind forced smiles as we all go along our merry way, nor to solve everyone’s issues, nor to find blame and wallow at length in pity for anyone. I am here to listen, to really listen. To nod, hug you, and shake my head with you at how crazy unfair life can be sometimes. I am here to help you if I can, and if I can’t, I am here to help connect you with someone who possibly can. I am here, above all, as your advocate. And guess what? So are the hundreds of other mom entrepreneurs that are part of The Power MOB. WE are all here for each other; no one joins this group just for their own selfish gain, and if they do, they quickly realize it’s not right for them.

Here, THIS is your safety zone. This is where you can let it all out and say the words that too few entrepreneurs, male or female, ever dare to say: I NEED HELP. Whatever that help may be –financial, emotional, strategic–you cannot ever find it until you actually ask for it.

So do yourself a favor, and get real – with yourself, your business, and with other mom entrepreneurs. I’ll be honest: I’m doing a lot better than most business owners I know right now, and I am pretty darn annoyingly super happy right now…BUT, I too have been through some really rough, life-altering patches along the bumpy road of entrepreneurship, and I know how quickly the tide can turn from great to horrible. And when it does turn, I would hope one of you would turn to me and remind me of this post. Remind me that I cannot move forward without being truly present in the reality of the moment.

This is your community, mamas. Reach for it, take advantage of it, squeeze every ounce of support from it that you can. I hope to see some of you this Wednesday April 20th at our Laptop Lunch. When I ask you “How’s business? How are YOU?” I’m going to trust that you’ll get real with me -whether the answers are good or bad. No matter what situation, we can always get to BETTER, together.


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