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11 Aug

Answering your questions on Non-Disclosure Agreements

“When discussing my business venture with professionals in the field, are there general guidelines as to when I should use [&hellip

12 May

Have you moved? Changed you company name? Don’t forget to make critical updates.

If you were previously operating as a consultant in your name and now have chosen to operate with a new [&hellip

7 Apr

10 Tips for Employee Wage and Hour Compliance

There are a variety of wage laws that require strict compliance and that may lead to heavy penalties for the unwary employer. Following are some tips to help ensure you remain compliant

13 Feb

Send Me Your Questions!

Send me your questions to and I will answer

13 Feb

I need to negotiate a lease, what should I look out for?

Your lease agreement may represent a substantial portion of your operating expenses and should be carefully reviewed before signing

13 Jan

When do I need to trademark a name or process I have created?

What is a trademark? A trademark is a mark (name, word, phrase, symbol, etc) that is used to indicate that [&hellip

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