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15 Aug

Top Ten Reasons You Should Hire Entrepreneurs

I’ve been quiet on this blog lately. I’ve been busy working — for myself, and then recently as many of [&hellip

11 Aug

Answering your questions on Non-Disclosure Agreements

“When discussing my business venture with professionals in the field, are there general guidelines as to when I should use [&hellip

5 Jul

Like the song says…

As many of you know, I am a Texas gal. While I may have lost the accent (and some of [&hellip

14 Jun

Wax on, wax off…in business

Do you remember that famous “wax on, wax off” scene in the original Karate Kid when Daniel realizes that Mr. [&hellip

12 May

Have you moved? Changed you company name? Don’t forget to make critical updates.

If you were previously operating as a consultant in your name and now have chosen to operate with a new [&hellip

6 May

The Entrepreneurial Life: A New Journey

Life has an incredible way of steering your path into new challenges you never saw coming, nor had any clue [&hellip

26 Apr

Exit Strategy?

At one of the first meetings I attended as a MOBster, Marlynn asked the newly formed group “Do you have [&hellip

18 Apr

Let’s Get Real, Mamas

As fellow mom entrepreneurs, wouldn’t you agree that it’s been an interesting couple of years? I had hailed 2011 as [&hellip

14 Apr

Giveaway! Tickets to Touchpoint, presented by StartUp Princess

UPDATE: Congratulations to Susan Finch and Angela Russell! You won the tickets to Touchpoint! Check your emails, and I’ll see [&hellip

12 Apr

Stalk a rock star (in your industry)

There is no better way to become great in your business than to absorb and learn from the greatness of [&hellip

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