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The Power MOB aims to redefine balance while building strong mom-owned businesses, through educational opportunities and social events.


DBA The Power MOB (Mom-Owned Businesses), was founded originally as Portland Mamas Inc. on Mother’s Day of 2006 by Marlynn Jayme Schotland.  After launching her own design business in 2005, Marlynn sought support as both a new business owner and as a new mom. She participated in several professional organizations as well as moms groups, and while she enjoyed connecting with individuals in both worlds, she craved a space where she could talk about both worlds all at once. Like any other mom business owner, Marlynn’s time was stretched to the max: she needed a single venue where mothers who owned businesses could gather and truly be themselves, to talk freely and openly about both the challenges of building a business and the challenges of raising a family in a supportive, collaborative environment. After several months of planning, Portland Mamas Inc. was born.

Portland Mamas Inc. became an S-Corporation in February 2008. In March 2008, Portland Mamas Inc. was renamed Mamapreneurs, Inc. in an effort to provide a more non-regional brand for the organization. In January 2010, Mamapreneurs Inc began doing business as The Power MOB (Mom-Owned Businesses).


The Power MOB membership is diverse, with moms who run businesses both from home and outside of the home. The term “mompreneur” and “mamapreneur” is a one that we feel embraces the spirit of moms who launch new endeavors, however the term and its usage in recent times no longer does our membership justice. Our members aren’t just working a few hours from home on a side hobby and they are not all working from home – they are either in the process of launching a full-scale business, or have been running their business for several years. They are moms of kids whose ages range from newborn to 30-something, whose annual revenues range from $15,000 to $5 million. Our mom business owners are seriously committed to their cause – whether it be legal services or running a restaurant – and they are all the individuals who hold main ownership in their business. Our members are charting long-term growth plans, seeking outside funding, investing properly in the people, strategies and tools necessary to take a business from good to wildly successful. They aren’t just doing this for fun: they want to have fun while building a successful business and also raising a family.

Our members are powerful business owners who want to change the world with their work, and they just happen to also be moms who want to do this for the benefit of their children.

As our organization grows beyond the Portland, Oregon metro area, we look forward to doing so as The Power MOB (Mom-Owned Businesses). A name that makes no mistake about our members all owning their own business, that exemplifies the close-knit, supportive, loyal family-like community we offer, and that tells the world mom business owners are, indeed, a powerful force to be reckoned with.

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