Top Ten Reasons You Should Hire Entrepreneurs

15 Aug 2011 by Marlynn Jayme Schotland, 2 Comments »

I’ve been quiet on this blog lately. I’ve been busy working — for myself, and then recently as many of you know, I’ve also been working for the (wo)man.

Instead of writing a lengthy post about why I know I made the right decision and how oh so much I love my job, I’ve realized the post that will most benefit readers of this blog is one about how entrepreneurs can make the best employees you’ll ever hire for your own business. In my role as Regional Sales Manager for Plum District Portland, I’ve also been busy hiring District Consultants who, like me, have an entrepreneurial calling. My team is comprised of 13 women, all moms, many who also run their own businesses in addition to working for me at Plum District. As my team and this company grows, I learn new benefits every day from hiring entrepreneurs.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Hire Entrepreneurs

1. We will work harder than anyone else. As entrepreneurs, we’re used to working crazy hours for our own businesses. We know that business doesn’t stop at 5pm, but is an ongoing, never-ending journey. Most of us are used to, at one time or another as business owners, being the janitor, secretary, courier, production assistant — we aren’t above doing any job that needs to be done in order for success to happen.

2. We have mastered efficiency and can get the work done faster than most others. When building our own businesses, we learned the art getting things done on time. As an entrepreneur, you quickly learn that time truly IS money, and we learned quickly that the best way not to lose money was to focus and NOT waste a moment of precious business time.

3. We’re the most creative problem solvers you will find. No successful entrepreneur has ever met an obstacle they couldn’t overcome. In fact, I think most of us, by some sick twist of nature, secretly LOVE being forced to create solutions to unpredictable problems. We face challenges of all kinds every single day, often several times a day, one after another, and our job as business owner is to quickly and effectively create solutions to those challenges. We are, by nature, creative problem solvers.

4. We are risk takers, and are not afraid of failure because we understand there is always something to gain. Entrepreneurs take risks every day and believe that the biggest failure is in the act of NOT doing. I’ve made many mistakes and I don’t regret any of them because I learned from each and every one of them; like most business owners, my mistakes have made my businesses better, stronger. Entrepreneurs can do the same for other people’s businesses.

5. We understand that success must be quantified as well as qualified. Listen, I may be a poet, a crafter, a painter, a tree-hugging lover of words and books and daydreams, but I also have this somewhat secret passion for data, spreadsheets and reports. As a business owner, I hold the creative side of business on a pedestal, but I also understand that the beauty and altruism of any business will vanish without data to support its existence. In my years of working with hundreds of small businesses, I’ve learned that the majority of businesses fade because the numbers just aren’t there. If you hire a great entrepreneur, you’ll hire someone who gets how to make the numbers work in sometimes crazy circumstances.

6. We have a lot of energy & we’re pro-active. I’ve never met a passive business owner, and I can’t imagine it would be a trait a successful entrepreneur could ever possess. Each day, we have to fight for our spot in the marketplace and there is never a moment when we can rest on our laurels. The very definition of a go-getter to me is an entrepreneur.

7. We are more flexible than anyone you will ever meet. The whole company messaging just changed because of a last minute board decision? No problem! We can manage a new campaign in one afternoon. Monthly targets have changed due to an unexpected shift in consumer spending? No worries! We’ll have a revised strategy and new financial model by tomorrow. We don’t just go-with-the-flow, we entrepreneurs make the sudden changes that we have learned to expect in our own businesses work for us when we work for someone else too.

8. We can multitask like no other. If you’re looking to hire a mom or dad entrepreneur, then I think you’ve hit the jackpot: my fellow parent entrepreneurs not only have experience juggling running their businesses but also running their households, their social lives, their kids’ social lives, and so much more. I could tell you that we secretly have 8 arms to get things done, or that we have the power to stop time, but really what it comes down to is the simple skill of prioritizing.

9. We tend to make work fun. Most of us wouldn’t do what we do if we didn’t love it, if it didn’t make us happy. I have to say, I love working with and around other entrepreneurs. Talk about good times! A positive attitude and happy spirit are KEY to running a successful business, so hiring an entrepreneur is almost always a sure bet that you’ll be adding some fun to the office.

10. We won’t let you down. Above all else, we like to succeed and help others succeed, and we know how much rests on your own shoulders as the owner of your own company. We get it. We won’t let you down because we know what it’s like when others let us down in our businesses.

There are of course some challenges when hiring entrepreneurs, but for the most part, I have found that hiring fellow business owners for my own team and for my other companies has been an incredibly positive experience. I learn the most from fellow entrepreneurs, and as a business owner, that should always be at the top of the hiring checklist: can this person add more to the business than I can add myself? Can I learn from this person and grow? Our businesses will only grow if we do too. So go hire yourself an entrepreneur today!

Marlynn Jayme Schotland is the Founder and President of The Power MOB. She also owns Urban Bliss Media, a graphic design, social media strategy studio and paper goods boutique, and is also the Regional Manager for Plum District Portland. She is editor of Urban Bliss Life, and mom to two little kidlets who rule her world. Follow her on Twitter @designmama.

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