Top Five Tips for Finding Clients in a New City

14 Jul 2011 by Michelle Ghilotti Mandel, Comments Off on Top Five Tips for Finding Clients in a New City

Post from Tuesday, a little slow here, even with sitting (it hurts even to sit in computer position).  Not a fan of RSI/Tendonitis but am of Dragon Dictate. I was just able to do the following with the dictation software, enjoy! (ps it takes some getting used to but it rocks. I highly recommend it.)

So, Here are the Top Five Tips for Finding Clients in a New City!

1) Hang out where they hang out. In other words, hang out where your ideal clients hang out (what vibration, what level of clientele do you want). Though I am still battling RSI, I met a potential new client yesterday hanging out in her deli in Beverly Hills. We started talking and lo and behold, she has three other very cool businesses she might need marketing and design help with. Ta-da~

2) Ask  someone you trust in your city re: potentials….ask your PR friend or Financial Advisor in that city what organizations there are in your new abode…I did that a couple weeks ago and my PR girlfriend gave me a great idea: she’d help me with a list of PR agencies in LA…then I’d call to schedule visits with them to show them my portfolio. Getting after it!

3) DO be a busy-body…hang out (work) at Starbucks or the local Mom n Pop coffee shop. Talk, talk and talk some more…even if you seem like the girl who has had too much caffeine 😉 Networking costs.

4) Work with a coach, social media guru or other from that area! It might cost you some bucks but the networking here is invaluable! You will get some renewed inspiration and energy but also begin to meet the coaches other clients (I am currently on a coaching call with ten others every two weeks with a coach from LA…great!)

5) Take this time to be VERY pumped up about what you do and what you offer. Energy and genuine enthusiasm go a long way!

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