MOM Entrepreneur {MOM-E} of the Month: Jesse Remer Henderson

18 Jun 2011 by Tara, Comments Off on MOM Entrepreneur {MOM-E} of the Month: Jesse Remer Henderson

MOM-E of the Month for July 2011
Jesse Remer Henderson, LLCE, CD PCD (DONA)
Owner, Mother Tree Birth Services

Kids, names, ages:
Two boys: Dashiell (age 7), Juna (age 4) plue two doggies and two bunnies

Brief Biz Description:
Birth and Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator and Birth Counselor

Target Audience:
Supporting women and their families in the childbearing year with doula care, birth and parenting classes

Job held before you started in this biz:
I was the marketing and events director for the Stephanie Inn and Surfsand Resort in Cannon Beach. Followed with the Manager of the Performance Center, a local leadership Think Tank and consulting group at PSU.

Initial Start-Up Costs:
About $1000 for training and marketing materials.  I bribed my husband, a graphic designer, with play tickets and a few extra date nights to provide all the marketing materials and website.

Initial Funding Source(s):
Savings and a slow transition from my previous employment.

First “woohoo!” business moment:
The day I realized I was getting paid to hold babies!!

Biggist Mistake-Turned-Teaching Moment:
Thinking as a solo small business owner that I had to be the one to do it all. I’ve gone from wearing every hat including marketing, doula, coordinator, receptionist, bookkeeper (not well I might add) to slowly realizing that there are amazing women whose talents way suprass my own and finding ways to welcome them onto my team.

How you feel about competition in your industry:
I believe in the abundance of birth. There are thousands of women who need so much support and unique care there should be any lack of business for any of us.  If there is a lack, it is usually because we are too busy or not open emotionally to be available to women at that time or we need to spend more time with outreach. There are women every day getting pregnant who need our services who don’t know that a doula exists. Their needs are unique. It’s about finding the right fit. I can only support so many women personally in this lifetime and each woman deserves the best fit for her. I know I can’t be that for every woman.

Greatest source for clients for you biz:
Doctors, midwives and fellow healing practitioners–the community.

Your inspiration:
The women and their families. When I get tired and feel like I’ve been saying the same things over and over and would rather sleep the night and then I get the birth call, it only takes a few minutes with a woman in need before I am rejuvenated. It is truly amazing!  These women give me so much.  It is definitely a mutual exchange.

#1 piece of business advice everyone should follow:
Take time to listen to your intuition.  It’s a far better guide than the ego, although the ego doesn’t always agree. My best inspirations and decisions have come from this place. It often makes the work effortless.

#1 sanity-saving tip for work/life balance:
My regular sanity saver is a walk in nature.  I find the solace of nature to be my reset button.  Alone, with my boys and dogs or with a group of friends — it is all good.

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