One Slightly Out of Shape MOBster, Barre 3 Challenge: Week 2

17 Jun 2011 by Jennifer Ferrero, Comments Off on One Slightly Out of Shape MOBster, Barre 3 Challenge: Week 2

This week ushered in the first official week of summer for me. I took the week off planning to enjoy the first full week of summer with my kiddos and attend my Barre 3 classes at leisure. Normally, I have to squeeze my classes in before or after work, so this week I was looking forward to taking a few midday classes so my evenings would once again be family filled. However, I completely underestimated how difficult it would be fit my Barre 3 commitment in this week while on “staycation”. I found it easiest and completely necessary after “summering” and entertaining my kids all day to continue with my evening class routine (serenity now).

This past week, via the ReplenishPDX “detox” created by the amazing Andrea Nakayama, I eliminated gluten from my diet. After detoxing from sugar last week, I felt energized, light, clear-headed and constantly full from all of the super delicious recipes Andrea has provided.

Andrea begins each week with a tele-seminar specifically targeting the item of exclusion (sugar, gluten or dairy) jammed-packed with nutritional facts, information and preemptively answers all of our questions before we even ask them. I truly appreciate the thoughtfulness to her approach, and I love that when a craving comes my way, I can logically squelch the impulse by recalling what I have learned. I tell people that Andrea is a magician…she has created amazing recipes that leave your stomach flat after eating (I didn’t know that was possible).

While in the Barre 3 studio this week, I struck up many conversations with my fellow “challengers”. Most of us were halfway through the challenge and feeling pretty terrific. Nearly everyone I chatted with is seeing (and feeling) results from attending on average five classes per week. I am noticing things on my body shift, firm and lift (and a couple of things shrink…things that we as ladies do not want to have shrink).

As I sit here typing, I have just attended my 12th Barre 3 class in 17 days and I enjoyed the most delicious dinner; broiled ginger lemon fish, quinoa and artichokes…AND my stomach is still flat!

Bring on week 3!

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