Wax on, wax off…in business

14 Jun 2011 by Savannah Mayfield, Comments Off on Wax on, wax off…in business

Do you remember that famous “wax on, wax off” scene in the original Karate Kid when Daniel realizes that Mr. Miyagi has forced him to wax cars and paint fences in order to learn the basic skills of karate?

It is touching to see young Daniel realize that his hard (and frustrating) work has actually paid off and he can defend himself!

I had the realization last week at Jen Barth’s insight-inspiring business branding workshop for the PowerMob that I need to revisit the foundation of my business. After 8 years in business in Portland, OR (and several years in business in another state previously) I sometimes get lazy about going back to the basics.

I got an email last week from an e-marketing consulting requesting permission to use my Web site for a class she was teaching on SEO. She congratulated me for holding the top Google spot for “Life Coach, Portland, Oregon.” I said “Yes, if you send me the report you are using for the class!”

I am taking the insights I got from Jen’s workshop and the very detailed report from the marketing strategist and implementing some simple, but hopefully profound changes in how I engage with potential clients through my brand.

And, I am signed up to take Jen’s class on “Making your content count” to clarify my brand story. Join me!

How can you revisit the basics in your business to clarify and re-energize your own marketing strategy?

Savannah Mayfield is the mom of two boys and a freelance writer and life coach in Portland, Oregon. Find out more about her work at Nurture Life Coaching.

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