On the move (not really)

14 Jun 2011 by Michelle Ghilotti Mandel, Comments Off on On the move (not really)

I’ve been writing posts about being on the move, staying on the move…grooving with change as I basically have been doing these last months since back from our two yr stint in Guadalajara, Mexico. Funny because last night I had a dream we were back in Amsterdam and it got me so excited…

But I’ll be staying put for a while.

Today I’m writing slowly (and shortly) and not so much about being on the move as about accepting when you can’t.

I’ve had severe tendonitis in both arms for three months and it has led me to take a full on break from 85% of my computer activities (sigh)…it has led me to buy Dragon Dictate (which I have yet to learn) and has me in doctor’s offices 3x a week. Noone can figure out why it’s as bad in both arms. Physical therapy doesn’t work…

So as I type a very short post for you all I say just a couple things…we all want to move and move fast and get as much done as possible (what I love about myself but now also see that I caused major burned out…on the writing of my book, on my yoga teacher training, design work etc). . . listen to your bodies.

Your business will thank you for a half hour break here and there…or, if you’re in a funk or stuck, a break will do you (and your emotional and physical and mental) body good too.

I’m learning to be slower now than ever before, even slower than right after I had Nolan. IT IS SUCH A LEARNING PROCESS. I am grateful for the learning, I really am, I do need to tune into what it feels like, really feels like, to slow it down a (big) notch. (speaking of, will tell you all how learning Dragon Dictate goes)…

…time to seek change so that I can better. We all deserve to be kinder to ourselves.

For more on topics of acceptance, authenticity and finding happiness (that my husband will likely type for me) please check out my Walking Momtra blog: http://howtobeawalkingmomtra.wordpress.com/

how to be a walking Momtra (& honest worker bee): Be sensitive to and with your work. Be sensitive to the effects it has on mind/body/spirit connection for you and your fam damily…

Happy Tuesday PowerMOBbers. Find out where you can give a little more to yourself today?


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